Get to Know Us! - Christina Azmy


Hi. I’m Christina!

I’m a soon-to-be (God willing! Pray for me!) Math Education Ph.D. with the dream of teaching future teachers! I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, some of high school and college in State College, PA, and since then have lived in Raleigh, NC – for that reason, my heart is scattered across the US and the globe. 

When I attended the very first HFL, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. The care and effort and the little details that were planned felt like it was all done specifically for me – planned by God and done through the hands of the committee. I met many women who I never would have met otherwise, and as cliché as it sounds, we really felt like family by the end of the retreat.

There are three memories I have of HFL that made the most impact on me:

  • Message of Worth - When we arrived in our rooms at the very first retreat, the mirrors were covered with encouraging messages, which I didn’t even know I needed to read and believe.

  • Heaven Song - When we sing all together, it sounds like a choir that practiced for years before. This was especially true at the very first retreat, and I often still listen to those heavenly recordings.

  • Every Soul – When I brought my mom to her first HFL retreat, the following year she took off of work (something she very, very, very rarely does) in order to attend. There is not one soul that doesn’t have a need for God’s love and presence, and I am so grateful to HFL for providing that opportunity for so-often-forgotten women.