Get to Know Us! - Laura Michael

(not one of my two)

(not one of my two)

Hey! I'm Laura. I serve at St. Demiana in Jacksonville, FL with my husband Fr. Philopateer. I blog over at Coptic Dad & Mom.

The first time I attended an HFL Retreat I went just as a cheerleader for some women from our congregation. I had my infant son with me and barely got to attend any lectures. But just from the little moments I was able to enjoy, it was super clear to me that this retreat was an absolute must for the women of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Once my son was weaned, I got on Sandra to make sure another retreat was put on because I knew how desperately I needed it. Somehow, Sandra roped me into the committee, too. It's been the biggest honor being part of what's happening here.

HFL is a sisterhood, devoid of pretense. It's about vulnerability—being real, loving each other and worshiping God.

HFL is a chance to spend some serious, devoted quiet time with God, without all the distractions and responsibilities of home. It's my battery recharging for an entire year's worth of spiritual growth. Because it's held during Lent, it's like a jump start that pushes me into a strong Holy Week.

I want every woman attending to know you will get out of HFL exactly what you put in. If you open your heart and speak to God (and listen to Him, too!) throughout the weekend, these will be the best days of 2019 so far--and fuel for the rest of the wonderful blessings to come.

I want every woman attending to know that behind the scenes your HFL committee is praying for you and loving you and planning every detail with you in mind.